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I’m currently moving the site from my old URL to this one, and in the process, brushing up the content (especially galleries). Please bear with me.. and check back later for updates. Thanks.

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Image theft

Recently I noticed some traffic into a flickr image from an unusual source – a web site from Vietnam called It’s really worth to check sources of clicks from time to time (this feature is only available to flickr pro accounts, but you can also so this by checking web logs if you have your own site). By clicking on that particular referral link, I found myself at this Vietnamese site that featured a bunch of architectural images. I found it rather annoying that the site’s owner put his own watermark in the corner of each image, including mine! This could suggest to a site visitor that the images are his. Check out the following (a photo from Ian Trower) – even the presence of the original photographer’s watermark was no deterrent or disincentive.

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Thoughts on the M9 after a year’s use..

I’ve had the Leica M9 for about a year now. With the recent announcement from Leica about their new M products, it’s prompted me to consider and write-up what’s been good & not so good about using the M9 rangefinder camera. I’ve used it in almost every situation that I’d used my Canon 5D Mk II: portraits (with natural light and strobes), landscape and macro, plus I’ve been through a lengthy repair process. So I feel rather qualified to briefly summarise my experience using this camera.

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