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Image theft

Recently I noticed some traffic into a flickr image from an unusual source – a web site from Vietnam called It’s really worth to check sources of clicks from time to time (this feature is only available to flickr pro accounts, but you can also so this by checking web logs if you have your own site). By clicking on that particular referral link, I found myself at this Vietnamese site that featured a bunch of architectural images. I found it rather annoying that the site’s owner put his own watermark in the corner of each image, including mine! This could suggest to a site visitor that the images are his. Check out the following (a photo from Ian Trower) – even the presence of the original photographer’s watermark was no deterrent or disincentive.

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Leica service

My M9 finally came back after being away for quite a long time – just over 2 months – for a sensor exchange performed in Germany. So what exactly was the problem? I’ll never know, because the report that came back was rather non-descript. Moreover, since the work was done by Leica as a gratis ‘goodwill gesture’, the report made comment that Leica wont provide warranty for that repair.. Hmm.. Anyway, it seems like a good repair, so fingers crossed.

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Photo Finish: ‘reality photography’

I just finished watching the first episode of Photo Finish on the ABC (Australia). It’s billed as “a unique series where amateur photographers compete head-to-head in themed photographic challenges”. With the rise in popularity in so-called ‘reality TV’, a photography version had to happen sometime. This is not the first reality show revolving around photography. I did see one in the US several years ago (the series name escapes me) featuring young photographers pitted against each other taking fashion pics of the same model and situation, and being judged on the ‘best’ pic.

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Going green with white LEDs

With the recent push from the state government to encourage people to knock their electricity costs down, I recently looked into replacing our halogen lights with LED lights, which are approximately 70% more energy efficient compared to halogen yet emit the same luminous output. Just prior to installing them, I was impressed by the futuristic look of the heatsinks and the hexagonal arrangement of the LEDs within the enclosure (6 x 2W LEDs). It gave me a kinda wacky idea for a photo. Arranging them closely together in a rectangular configuration, and if shot from underneath, these might look like a rocket booster or similar. Well here’s the result – needless to say the installation was delayed a couple of hours while my photographic urge took over.

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