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Photo of the week

Each week I’m going to select my best pic from that week, and I’ll aim to provide some background about how or why the shot came into being – what did I do to achieve it, and maybe what I learned along the way. Maybe you’ll get some tips, or you can give me some tips for my improvement :-)

So to kick things off for 2012 – here’s my selected shot for week 1:

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Photographing an organised group of (unfamiliar) kids

I was recently asked to be the photographer to cover an organised school excursion at a local theme park. My son was in one of the attending classes, and the idea was to record the excursion for the teacher who originally organised the trip but became very ill and could not attend. There were several classes from the same year. I was responsible for photographing just the class that my son was in. Ahead of the trip, I considered the following: all the kids from various classes would all be wearing the same uniform & hats. I thought – how am I going to keep a track of the (mostly unfamiliar) kids I’m supposed to be photographing? I came up with an idea. I bought several sheets of silver stars with an adhesive backing. I brought these along with my gear. As the kids gathered at the theme park entrance and naturally congregated into their class groups, I started seeking each one out:

me: “Are you in class XYZ?”
kid: “Yes”

me: “Well then, can I put this sticker on your hat, because you’re a star”.. “Who else is a star?”
kids: “yes me too” .. “can I have an extra star, because I’m extra special” .. “yeah me too!” .. “can I be a 3-star general?” .. etc ..

Kids are so cute. This simple yet effective idea allowed me to break the ice with these guys, and allow me to easily spot them amongst the sea of other similarly-clothed kids.